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GSMA Interoperability Testing

GSMA Network Settings Exchange

GSMA Network Equipment Security Assurance Scheme

GSMA Interoperability Testing

Industry-standard tests that verify VoLTE interoperability, capability, and compatibility on both a home and roaming network.

1 x Network Test
1 x Network roaming test
1 x Network + device Test
OEMs and operators have endorsed the tests in GSMA TS.59 PRD
Methodology defined by operator and vendor community in GSMA IR.25 PRD
TS.59 PRD suggests OEMs should not prevent IMS services on a VoLTE-verified network

Reasons to do GSMA Interoperability Testing

  • Verifies a home or roaming network can run VoLTE to a common industry standard
  • Shows the mobile ecosystem that VoLTE performs optimally on your network
  • Builds confidence in VoLTE by demonstrating network reliability

GSMA Network Settings Exchange

One location, where MNOs can share their latest IMS network settings with OEMs, so services run reliably across all devices, worldwide.

90% of the world's devices reached

Reasons to use GSMA Network Settings Exchange

  • Enables better customer experiences for 4G and 5G
  • Reduces operational costs, providing access to 300+ OEMs in one go
  • Standardised template, so settings are shared quickly and easily

GSMA Network Equipment Security Assurance Scheme

The global network equipment security assurance scheme that gives 5G more resilience

Facilitates improvements in network equipment security, across the industry

Defined by industry experts through GSMA and 3GPP

One universal and global security assurance framework

Benefits for vendors include:

  • Prove to mobile network operators that your network equipment product reaches the universal security standards defined and required by the industry
  • Demonstrate your high standards of security and resilience to build more confidence
  • One global scheme, recognised by all, which decreases the duplication of work and security testing in multiple markets
  • Select one of our NESAS appointed auditors and authorised test laboratories to look after your requirements