Fraud & Security Services

Safeguard against financial and reputational damage

Using simple ways of sharing information

within the ecosystem, for the common good

GSMA Device Registry

GSMA Device CheckTM

GSMA Network Equipment Security Assurance Scheme

GSMA IRSF Prevention

GSMA Device Registry

Be part of the collective fight against device crime. Flag fraudulent and stolen devices through the world’s most accurate device registry.

+100 million devices have been flagged
+1 million fraudulent/stolen devices blocked
+150 companies in our community

Reasons to use GSMA Device Registry

  • Share fraudulent/stolen status, so device is flagged across ecosystem
  • Important information to deter device crime and prevent digital fraud
  • Operators flagging devices makes them less valuable for resale

GSMA Device CheckTM

Protect against the risk of handling stolen or fraudulent devices. By instantly checking a device’s status, through the world’s most accurate device registry.

Dont Risk it, Device Check it.
+100 million look-ups per year
7 years of a device's history
10 insights on device model and capabilities

Reasons to use GSMA Device CheckTM

  • Identify and eliminate stolen devices from supply chain
  • Confirms device model to calculate its correct value
  • Facilitates repatriation to the rightful owner
  • Tried and tested by retailers, insurers, and law enforcers

GSMA Network Equipment Security Assurance Scheme

The global network equipment security assurance scheme that gives 5G more resilience

Facilitates improvements in network equipment security, across the industry

Defined by industry experts through GSMA and 3GPP

One universal and global security assurance framework

Benefits for vendors include:

  • Prove to mobile network operators that your network equipment product reaches the universal security standards defined and required by the industry
  • Demonstrate your high standards of security and resilience to build more confidence
  • One global scheme, recognised by all, which decreases the duplication of work and security testing in multiple markets
  • Select one of our NESAS appointed auditors and authorised test laboratories to look after your requirements

GSMA IRSF Prevention

Stop International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF) before it happens. Have the data you need to prevent IRSF attacks from taking place on your network.

GSMA IRSF Prevention Database

IRSF numbers updated every 20 seconds

GSMA IRSF Prevention Alert

Instant alerts of successful test calls on your network

GSMA IRSF Prevention Check

Look-up service to identify if an international premium number(s) is involved in fraud

Reasons to use GSMA IRSF Prevention

  • Stop fraudsters by blocking calls to your network
  • Access our global database of all at risk IRSF numbers
  • Act on accurate, real-time data to prevent attacks before they take place
  • Search for historical fraud information on any suspicious number