eSIM Services

Leverage the growth of eSIM

With a standardised, rigorous,

and interoperable approach

GSMA eSIM Discovery

GSMA eUICC Identity Scheme

GSMA eUICC Security Assurance

GSMA eSIM Discovery

The only industry-specified method for remote eSIM provisioning. This standardised, seamless way makes life easier for consumers, and more cost-effective for operators and the ecosystem.

1 universal solution for speed and scale
1 set of integration tests
1 time set-up for consumers

Resellers providing eSIM Discovery

40+ MNO accounts from 30 countries
16+ manufacturers using eSIM Discovery
40+ device mdels supported

Source: GSMA, GSMAi, Jan 2022

Reasons to choose GSMA eSIM Discovery

  • Fully digital and flexible
  • Standardised integration across all distribution channels
  • One time set-up on chosen network

GSMA eUICC Identity Scheme

Enabling manufacturers to allocate their own EIDs – the identification number required for the embedded or removable eUICC in every eSIM. It’s a new eUICC identifier (EIN) system that works for all.

More about the GSMA eUICC Identity Scheme

  • GSMA is appointed by the industry to coordinate the issuance of EINs
  • Scheme provides all with a unique 5-digit identity code (EIN) needed to create the 32-digit EID
  • Each eSIM is required to have a unique EID to identify its eUICC

GSMA eUICC Security Assurance

A certification scheme to instil confidence that eUICC products have reached the rigorous security standards set by the industry.

A robust set of principles and procedures for eUICC security evaluation

1 Certification Body

Trust CB Logo

5 Licensed Laboratories

Reasons to choose GSMA eUICC Security Assurance

  • Prove the security of your eUICCs through independent evaluation
  • One of only two methods to demonstrate eUICC security compliance (from June 2022)
  • The only industry-certified scheme open to all stakeholders