Device Information Services

Optimise your network, ready for 5G

With unique device data,

from the global source of TAC

GSMA Device Map

GSMA Device Database

GSMA Device Map

Provides the richest level of device information, as our unique TAC data is overlaid with granular details of device capability characteristics.

150+ curated device capabilities
20+ IoT device-type classifications
Mapped over GSMA TAC data
Consumer IoT vs M2M device monitoring
Chipset and browser HTTP protocol

Reasons to choose GSMA Device Map

  • Boost business insights with device & service usage patterns
  • Enhance the customer experience with richer device attribute data
  • Know your customers’ devices, to improve customer support and troubleshooting

GSMA Device Database

Direct access to the accurate global source of TAC, showing the device models on your network, their characteristics, and band performance-based attributes.

10,000+ device models launched every year
10,000+ device models in the database
1 global source of device manufacturers
2G-5G manufacturer and model identification
Uplink/downlink MIMO AND QAM band performance
Operating system identification

Reasons to choose GSMA Device Database

  • Direct access to TAC required to identify all device types
  • Highly accurate and updated in near real-time
  • Useful for device validation, analytics, and network optimisation